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CreoImage is an integrated marketing and
copywriting agency, specializing in the 3 core
elements that shape marketing performance:
Message, Business Image and Confidence.

Our work will help you deliver powerful and
persuasive messages, create an impressive
business image and demonstrate strong
business confidence.

These are the most important factors that can
affect your targets' decisions and increase your
profits. And that's exactly what we do best.
CreoImage, intelligent as that.
powerful business image
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Privacy Policy

This statement was created in order to demonstrate a firm commitment to
privacy. Internet user privacy is of paramount importance to us. We support
the protection of client and consumers' privacy rights as a fundamental
element of our business.

As companies look to CreoImage for expert advice, they can rely on us to
protect their privacy as well as that of their customers. Our success depends
upon our ability to maintain the trust of both our clients and the consumers
to whom they market.

We pledge to conduct all relationships with our clients and other information
providers in an ethical and professional manner. We agree to comply with
any restrictions that any information providers place upon the data they give
us. And, unless authorized, we shall never share client data in any way and
under no condition.

CreoImage.com uses a variety of multi-level security systems to control
access to the services and information products, and maintains rigorous
physical security of its facilities. CreoImage.com works only with companies
who are advocates of strict consumer privacy guidelines. All online orders
are properly encrypted and 100% secure.


A line incorporating a brand name that is in itself a registered trademark is
likely to be registrable, eg 'Heineken refreshes the parts other beers cannot
reach', or 'Beanz Meanz Heinz'.

You won't be able to obtain any exclusivity to a line that could work just as
well for another brand, eg: 'The natural choice', or 'Simply the best'.

Usually TM registrations of these lines refer more to the depiction of the
words (eg, layout, typography, colouring) rather than the actual words
themselves. In fact there is usually a statement on the registration
document asserting 'no exclusive rights' to the use of the words 'Simply
the best', or whatever. For proper legal advice please talk to an intellectual
property lawyer.

A good way to protect a line is to send yourself a sealed registered letter
giving the details. Do not open this until you need to demonstrate your
date of origination. If your slogan is purely descriptive, it is highly unlikely
that you would be able to register it as a trade mark; at least not as a
simple slogan on its own. Similarly, if your slogan is not distinctive,
differentiating your goods or services from others, then that too would be
unlikely to be able to be registered.
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