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Your business name is important because it
can have a strong impact on the way your
customers perceive your business image
and professional abilities.

Your business name is also important for
yourself. You can't run a business if you are
not proud of its name!

CreoImage is a premier online resource for
creating a new business or domain name.
Contact us now and let us create a powerful
and impressive name for your business.
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Name development is a very complex and
demanding procedure. Sometimes it may look
like an entertaining brainstorm, but it's far from
that. It will be a huge mistake to try and
develop your business name during a family or
friends' meeting.

The new business name you choose must be
original, distinctive, easy to pronounce and
"free" of online or offline trademark restrictions.
The development process, which is based on art
and not on science, involves creativity, intuition
and professional expertise.

But before developing your new business name,
there are a few critical misconceptions that need
to be clarified.

The first - your new business name doesn't have
to describe or explain what your company does
or sells. The new name doesn't even have to be
directly related to your field. That's because your
business name is part of your business identity
and not part of an advertising campaign.

The second misconception we need to clarify is
that your business name doesn't have to be a
"catchy" name. Whether your target market will
memorize it or not, depends on many factors,
not necessarily on the length or sound of your
business name.

The third - your business name will not determine
the success of your company and it will not affect
your reputation. On the contrary, your business
success can influence your name or brand. After
all, your business name is merely a component
of your business identity. That's not to say that a
bad name can't cause damage. While a powerful
business name can strengthen brand loyalty, a
bad name can cause severe damage to your
business image.

CreoImage has helped many firms and valuable
brands define their brand themes and overall
naming strategies. Specializing in business
name creation, we are one of your best
options for creating a rich array of names that
directly meet your specific needs.

Order your new business name now! It's fast,
professional and cost-effective. The price for
developing a new business name is only $180.
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