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Professional copywriting is about expressing
ideas, messages and visions in the most
effective way for a defined audience.

Although it involves experience, knowledge
and intuition, professional copywriting is
based mainly on personal abilities and talent.

CreoImage combines all these qualities, to
create one of your best online resources
for professional copywriting services.
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Custom Postcards Marketing

Brochure copywriting is much more than writing
Whenever you need to send a short, highly
focused message and produce a giant splash,
custom postcards are your best choice.

A custom postcard is a very effective marketing
tool. It attracts attention, it has a strong impact,
it's easy to handle and it has a much favorable
image than a business letter or brochure.

So if you need to launch a new product, to
announce a special sale, or to introduce a new
service, use a custom postcard. Your targets
won't need to open an envelope, they'll read
the message even if they didn't intend to and
the response rates will probably be much higher.

Studies clearly show that well planned and
written business postcards get read. The
problem is that ONLY well planned and written
business postcards get read. The reason is
pretty obvious - unlike spacious letters or
brochures, on custom postcards you have a
very limited space for delivering your message.

If your message doesn't attract attention, it's
not original and it's boring, your postcard
campaign will be a total failure.

What makes a custom postcard an effective
marketing tool? Here are a few tips to keep in

Use one leading, powerful slogan to make a
first impact. Whenever possible, use your
headline to show the benefits of your offer.
Don't overload your business postcard with
text, no one reads texts on postcards. Use
little tricks to make your targets read the
postcard and save it. Use the right kind of
paper for the number of colors you print. Fit
your message to the postcard size you've

What else can you use a custom postcard for?
You can recontact non-responders to previous
mailings, create an inexpensive monthly
marketing campaign, drive people to your
website, tease your prospects with a future
valuable offer, announce a private sale for
recipients of the postcard only, thank
customers for their business and so on.

CreoImage is one of your best choices for
powerful, effective postcard marketing services.
Contact us now and tell us about your planned
postcard. We'll discuss your project and
we'll send you our best recommendations and
observations. If you'll agree with our ideas,
we'll send you a quote. Simple, fast and very
practical. Let's get started!

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