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Professional copywriting is about expressing
ideas, messages and visions in the most
effective way for a defined audience.

Although it involves experience, knowledge
and intuition, professional copywriting is
based mainly on personal abilities and talent.

CreoImage combines all these qualities, to
create one of your best online resources
for professional copywriting services.
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Business Letters With a Strong Impact

The power of the business letter doesn't
generate from the medium you're using, but
from the way you're delivering your messages.

As an advertising medium, informational
business letters or sales letters are pretty
old fashioned marketing tools. Your average
recipient must have received hundreds of
them and he knows exactly what to expect.
Nothing you do can surprise him and the
chances to end in a garbage can are higher
than ever.

Does it mean that business letters or sales
letters are useless? Not at all! If you send
them to the right audience and deliver your
messages in an effective way, you can still
reach your marketing goals.

What does it mean to deliver your message
in the most effective way? Does it mean well
phrased, long and detailed texts, or short
texts? Does it mean black text, or colored
text? Should you add one or more images, or
shouldn't you use images in a business letter?

How should you use your call to action and
what should you expect from your business
letter? Should your business letter reflect
your business image, or should it just deliver
the core information?

There are many more questions that can be
asked and the answers to all these questions
will determine the response rates of your
business letter. CreoImage is one of your
best options for writing a powerful and
effective business letter. Based on many
previous projects and our cumulative
professional expertise, we know what works
and what doesn't work.

Don't compromise your reputation with a
weak and unprofessional business letter.
While a strong business letter can reinforce
your sales message and get your foot in the
door, an ineffective letter will cause your
prospects to lose interest in your product or
service, and can easily cost you an account.

Contact us now and tell us about your planned
business letter. We'll discuss your project and
we'll send you our best recommendations and
observations. If you'll agree with our ideas,
we'll send you a quote. Simple, fast and very
practical. Let's get started!

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