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Our website development projects are all driven
by 3 main objectives: to deliver powerful and
persuasive messages, to create an impressive
business image and to demonstrate strong
business confidence.

These are the factors that can increase your
profits and that's exactly what we do best.
CreoImage, intelligent as that.
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A Business Image to Remember

When you're landing on a new website for the
first time, the main thing that will affect your
decisions and actions is the way you perceive
the website's business image. That's a fact!

Obviously, if you are searching for shoes and
enter a car wheels website, you'll probably
click away immediately, regardless of the site's
image. But if the site is related to your search,
the decision whether to stay or leave will be
affected by the website's business image.

The business image reflected by a website is
composed of its design, content, phrasing and
main messages. If you are impressed by the
website's business image, you'll stay longer
and eventually become a customer. But if the
business image is weak or repulsive, you'll
click away and move on to the next option.

The amazing thing about the business image's
impact is that a highly professional business
which projects a weak business image will
send its visitors away, while an amateurish
business which projects an impressive
business image will keep its visitors and even
convert them into customers.

The bottom line is very clear - the business
image your website projects will have a
tremendous impact on the way your new
visitors will perceive your abilities, credibility
and performance.

This is especially true in the online world,
where the business image is almost the
only tool your visitors have for evaluating the
website they're doing business with.

As our business name implies, CreoImage
specializes in creating powerful, impressive
business images. Send us your website's
URL for a free website analysis, or email us
your questions. We'll reply as soon as
possible, showing you how to improve your
business image.

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