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Your advertising slogan is an essential part of
your reputation and business image.

While a good advertising slogan can make a
favorable impression, a weak slogan may
severely damage your image business.

Specializing in this particular field, CreoImage
is your best option for creating a new original
and powerful advertising slogan.
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Powerful Advertising Slogans

Advertising slogans are the short phrases that
start or lead an advertising campaign. Their
main objectives are to attract attention, create
exclusiveness, deliver a strong message and
increase focus.

Advertising slogans are also used as part of
a company's business identity. Together with
the logo and business name, the slogan is an
important element that affects the company's
business image.

Over the past years the importance of the
advertising slogans increased exponentially.
The main reason for this process is the huge
media saturation and information explosion.

Today we are exposed to so much information
and so many messages, that it becomes
almost impossible to create distinction, to
memorize or to make our preference.

The best and almost only chance to deliver
our information effectively is to use short,
highly focused and powerful messages.

Whether a TV commercial, a newspaper ad
or a web page, the viewers will first look at
the advertising slogan. If it's a good slogan,
they'll memorize it and move on to other
elements. If it's a weak slogan, they won't
bother to memorize it and they'll move on.

Creating advertising slogans is one of our
main strengths. You don't need to take our
word for it. And you don't even have to listen
to valued clients like Carlsberg, BMW, Roche,
Fujitsu, Delta, Ericsson, Marriott or Lancome.

Just browse CreoImage's original slogan
and make the best decision for your

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